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frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes! Family is welcome to attend the event.

There is no particular dress code for this event.

Yes! Everyone is welcome to attend the event. You can invite others by following the following steps. Login Click on "Event Name" in My Registrations section Click on "Invite Others" button Complete form Click "Send Invitation" button

Wednesday Jan 31, 7pm-10pm Carrier Meet and Greet

To update any of your information, navigate to the "Login" button top right of this website. From here, enter your phone number and login via one time passcode. On the left side select "My Profile" and select "Edit Profile." Don't forget to save before exiting. Your listed FFL agency is pulled directly from your HCMS account

You can access your QR code by selecting LOGIN at the top right of this page, entering the one-time-passcode, selecting 2024 Annual Convention, and scrolling down to reveal your ticket.
You will need this QR Code in order to register at the event and print your badge. 
Badges are required throughout all 4 days of the event.